Is Twitter Hurting Your Small Business? | Business Service

So there I was.Logged in to my twitter account, when a flood of new twitter posts landed on my wall.Let’s see, there was a gal who was giving all sorts of network marketing tips. Then there was a guy with over 10,000 followers who tweeted dozens different things about being positive. And finally, I noticed a guy who tweeted a few odd and ends unrelated to his expertise on small business marketing.Hmmm?All this seemed like a lot of noise to me.Kind of like being in a room full of 3 years olds. Since they can’t speak, they get your attention by making a bunch of noise which can drive you crazy fast. Know what I mean?

Are you a fan of twitter?Whatever your answer is, good for you. If you like twitter, then rock on. If you think it’s just a bunch of noise like I do, then more power to ya’.However you feel have you ever stopped to consider that maybe… just maybe… twitter is hurting your small business?Hear me out for a second:You see, the name of the game in marketing is positioning. You positioning your product or service as the best… as valuable… and as something that many other people want.So anyways…When I see a bunch of people spending a lot of time on Twitter, my first thought is that they don’t have much business because otherwise they’d be busy servicing their customers.Know what I mean?I’m not saying Twitter is all bad. It’s not. And I use it a bit here and there too. But name you, I only tweet one thing a day. And even then, I have this set up automatically to work without my touching a thing.Maybe people that tweet a dozen times a day have set this set up automatically too.

I don’t know.What I do know is that I perceive them to have idle hands. And if I was going to buy from them, I would not value their time as much as someone who only tweeted from time to time.That’s my take on twitter marketing.Maybe you see it differently.In any event, if you like my style and want more information about plenty of other small business marketing topics I’m an expert on, then take a peek at my author’s box below. And if you make it to my site, then let me know how you feel about twitter marketing.